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When i started real estate investing in Connecticut i never expected it would produce so many real estate deals and my family’s success has not come easy. If you want success you have to work hard and forget the naysayers..

if you ask my wife about when i started wholesaling real estate she will tell you i was nuts. So i set out to prove her wrong. Guess what i did. When you join our real estate investing team you get instant access to properties not on the MLS and properties most other investors will never hear about, because we are buying these properties directly from the homeowner.

Ever wonder “How did they get that deal”. Most Investors do not purchase property from the MLS.


We turned on the faucet and we can’t turn it off… and know we are seeking motivated investors looking for investment opportunities in the New Haven Area.

Like any other real estate investor will tell you. You have to purchase the property at the rite price. If you over pay nothing else matters. Here is one of the quick formulas we use to Test Your Real Estate Deals and make sure they are winners. We test all of our deals and we would never sell a property to one of our investors we would not keep or fix and flip ourselves. We still need to pay the bills and keep the marketing machine fed so to answer your question.. Yes some of the properties we have to sell to keep the lights on.

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Guarantee Success With Some Formulas We Use In Our Business.


Analyzing real estate deals in the New Haven Area can be difficult. Of course there are many other factors we use when evaluating a real estate deal but here are some simple formulas you can use.

The Purchase:                                                                                                                                                              

This is assuming the property has a 100,000 (ARV) After Repair Value.

  • Wholesale Offer: Retail price x.5 (-$5000 Your Profit) = Purchase Price
  • Basic Rehab Offer: Retail price x.9 (-Repairs – $15,000 Your Profit = Purchase Price
  • Full Rehab Offer: Retail price -Repairs (-$30,000 Your Profit) = Purchase Price

 The Exit Strategy: 

 This is assuming the property has a 100,000 (ARV) After Repair Value.

  • Wholesale: Retail price x.5 = Sales Price
  • Basic Rehab: Retail Price x.9 = Sales Price
  • Rehab: Retail price Is The Sales Price

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